Dog Breeds

Dog owners can now display their favorite breed on numerous items with our Ribbon Dog Breed Designs. We have just received new and exciting inventory featuring over 70 AKC recognized breeds of dogs. More breeds are being added weekly as they become available so that owners, breeders and handlers will be able to add a little flair to many accessories.

Ribbon Dog Breed Designs are top-quality cotton ribbon with the designs printed on it. This design is non-woven but is durable and machine washable. The Ribbon Dog Breed Designs are not dog collars, but can be sewn on nylon webbing to make a dog collar or dog leash. This ribbon can be easily sewn on almost any material.

There are so many applications for the Ribbon Dog Breed Designs that are very exciting for dog breeders. However, just a few projects that the ribbon can be used on are purses, tote bags, and trimming on clothing. Also, key chains, bookmarks, wallets and pillows can be embellished with Ribbon Dog Breed Designs. Any number of projects can be improved with these ribbons for the dog or the dog owners.

Ribbon Dog Breed Designs will bring a lot of attention to dogs and their owners when accessories are worn at dog shows and confirmations or when just walking in the park. It is a great way to show support for your favorite breed.

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