Designer Collar Construction

All Designer Collars Are Not Created Equal

Here at Country Brook Design we strive to bring you unusually beautiful collars that are durable, comfortable, and safe for your dogs. We custom make all of our Designer collars. Our collars are made with cotton fabric, sewn onto nylon webbing, which makes them soft and comfortable for your dog.

What makes our collars Special


We are a webbing distributor and sell both polypropylene and nylon. We carry over 500 webbing goods for making all kinds of items. We use nylon webbing that is extremely strong and durable. Commercial collar makers never use polypropylene except in their extra small collars. And we all know commercial companies would use polypropylene to save money if they could. Polypropylene is a good webbing for pocketbook handles, fashion items, and many other uses, but not dog collars. You can not have a strong safe collar made out of polypropylene like some advertise in ebay. Polypropylene cost 1/4 what nylon cost. It is much easier to sew and work with and this is the reason many home collar makers use it.  But it is less than 1/4 as strong and durable as nylon. It is a looser weave. Our 1" nylon webbing has a tensile strength of 4200 pounds. 1" polypropylene light weight is rated at 600 lbs. or below. Heavy weight is rated at 900 lbs or less. This makes them dangerous for large breed dogs. Also remember that this is tensile strength of new webbing under good conditions at the factory. Not after 6 months of wear and tear. This is the reason we use nylon in all but our mini collars.

Sewing of our collars

We only use industrial sewing machines on our collars.

We could save a lot of money by sewing our collars like most of the other collar makers in ebay. But that would cut down on the strength and safety of our collars. On our collars the fabric is sewn into a tube, then sewn down both sides onto the core of nylon webbing, so it will not shift or twist on the webbing. Our collars are box stitched at stress points for strength and durability. Not just triple stitched to save time and money. We use heavy-weight bonded #69 nylon thread which is stronger and more abrasion-resistant than polyester thread. We also offer a metal side release buckle add on, which is better for dogs that are tied out or extremely strong.

Collar Stitching

And yes, they are machine washable!


We only use the best contoured plastic buckles from YKK. Of course, all of our dee rings are heavy duty and welded for your dogs safety. And we only use heavy duty wide mouth triglides for easy adjustments and for your dogs safety. We also offer a heavy duty side release metal buckle for dogs that will have to be tied out or have a history of breaking collars.


We do our best to make the finest designer collar. If for any reason you do not like your collar you can ship it back for a full refund of the purchase price. We do not send charms or dog bones with our items. This is a sales technique called propping to make a customer believe they are getting something for nothing. There is nothing free, the customer has paid for the prop sent to them. We would rather use your money to make a better quality collar instead of sending you a trinket with your collar to help with feedback.

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