Woodland Camo HD Adjustable Purse Strap Replacement

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Key Features:

  • Woodland Camo HD | Iconic green, brown, black, and tan camo used by militaries and hunters for decades.
  • 1 1/2 Inch Wide | Adjustable from : 31 inches (shortest) - 53 inches (longest) | Made from soft and secure polyester webbing.
  • Reliable | Sturdy metal clasps allow you to attach your favorite purse, duffel bag, messenger bag, or gym bag while knowing they are locked in place.
  • Made in the U.S.A. | Trendy designs paired with our unmatched craftsmanship make for the highest quality and most comfortable purse strap on the market.
  • Worn Like a Hug | The silky soft polyester will feel like a hug, all while giving you the assurance of strength and durability.

Woodland Camo HD is a camouflage pattern commonly used by military forces and hunters. It is characterized by a mix of green, brown, and black colors in irregular blotches, which are designed to help blend the wearer into wooded environments. The pattern consists of small, overlapping shapes that create a three-dimensional effect, providing visual depth and making it difficult for the human eye to distinguish the wearer from the surrounding foliage. This high quality purse strap replacement is both fashionable and reliable! Easily attach purses and duffels with the 360 degree swivel snaps. Having to retire your favorite bag because of a broken strap is a thing of the past with this convenient accessory.

Soft to the touch, this lightweight material features a vivid pattern on both sides. The double metal clips are more than strong enough for attaching even the largest bags, but are light enough to not weigh your strap down. Also, the metal triglide located at the bottom, is used for convenient adjustments of making your strap longer or shorter.

We help you personalize your bags to fit a style as unique as your own.

We know that you want the best and most durable products. That’s why our straps are designed, printed, and sewn here in the United States.

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