3/4 Inch Heavy Welded Rectangle Rings

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Key Features:

  • 3/4 inch rectangle ring
  • Wire thickness of 4mm
  • Inside measures .782 inches wide and 0.43 inches tall
  • Outside measures 1.098 inches wide and 0.714 inches tall
  • Welded, nickel plated over steel rectangle ring


These 3/4 inch heavy welded rectangle rings are top quality, extra strong and heavy duty. They are welded for additional strength and endurance and will be able to tolerate greater tension than a non-welded or light weight rectangle ring would. The heavy weight rectangle rings differ from the light weight rectangle rings significantly in wire thickness, making the heavy weight rectangle rings appear larger in thickmess than the light rectangle rings. Heavy welded rectangle rings are best for use with projects that are heavier such as cargo restraints, tiedowns and other types of restraints. These rectangle rings are nickel plated over steel.

Notes for Use:

D-rings, buckle, triglides etc. are sized by the webbing or straps they are meant to be used with. These are made for use with 3/4" Webbing and/or straps.

These high quality, welded nickel plated Rectangle Rings are used for numerous applications such as:

  • Harnesses and leashes
  • Backpacks and carry-on totes
  • Travel bags and purses
  • Ties, belts, straps and overalls

...and numerous other applications or uses.

Country Brook Design cannot be held responsible for the misuse of this product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use.

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